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Tropical Far North Queensland

This is about my holiday from Cairns to
Laura, on the lower Cape York Peninsula from
September 2008 to October 2008. Going from Melbourne to Cairns to Port Douglas, to Cooktown and Laura, Cape Tribulation and all the bits in between, and finally back to Cairns for my flight home.

Drive The Daintree

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4. Cairns - City In A Garden

Saturday 20 September

One thing that surprised me about Cairns was the tree lined streets woth vibrant foliage and providing shade and protection from the elements. Below are some photos of the ferns, trees and shrubs.

Opposite Cairns Plaza

There's seating provided by the brickwork which is comfortable and under some shade.

Shields Street and Lake Street

There's a lovely circular area here with paved bricks, seating and lots of trees and shrubs - car free of course.

Opposite the Global Palace

This is where the Cairns Transit Network is - the Lake Street Transit mall.

Some of the many flowers along the city streets.

These are abundant

Some of the trees and plants around Cairns
Box Fruit (Barringtonia asiatica), Cassowary Pine (Barringtonia calyptrata), Weeping Melaleuca (Melaleuca leucadendra), Yellow Peltophorum (Peltophorum pterocarpum), Silver Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia argentea), Brown Gardenia (Randia fitzalanii(, and Expo Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus)

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